Monday, March 7, 2011

Been A While!!!!

Well mercy, it has been a while since I up dated my blog, so here goes..

I have always wanted to make a mini-scrapbook albums and thought that I would include a video of it...Thanks to Laura from Following The Paper Trail.  She expounds on everything that she uses to create an album.  They are so cute and easy after seeing this video. Take a look (two part series):

AND...Since I am a Strong Army Mom, I have some information on several things that I thought could be helpful for Military Moms from FREE (yes FREE) photographs of your Soldier, whether coming or going to Deployments - to - Pre, During, and After Deployments... 

The Link for "Operation: Love Reunited" the photography session is:

The photographer that did our pre-deployment photos was the MOST sincere and loving person that I think that I have ever meet...She seemed to understand and capture every feeling of our session. LOVED HER!!! and the photos turn out beautiful.. The program includes a photo album for the Soldier to carry with them when they are deployed as well as being able to keep it with them when they are separated from the family and also a CD for the family. If you have not used this program...PLEASE do check it out...

For folks that are going to or have a Soldier that will or has deployed, a VERY informational book is available to send for for FREE again.  

The Link for "A Handbook for Family & Friends of Service Members Before, During and After Deployment is:

All you have to do is put the name of the book into the search line and it will pop up...Again it is FREE!!! It will take about 6-8 weeks to receive it.. (I forgot that I ordered it and all of a sudden it arrive like a Christmas :)) You can order up to 5 books at a time - so if you have family or friends..might as well order the maximum as it does have a lengthy ETA!!

Well, I think that concludes this update for now...Will have some great photos to add to the next update of a convention that I will be attending...

So until then, Good Luck on the Album, Photographs and Book Ordering...

Peace out for now...{{{HUGS}}}


  1. Glad to see you figured this Blog thing out!! Cant wait to see more of your work!!

    (Virginia) Ginnie Binion

  2. Good job on your we can follow each other!!!!!!